The Hornet's Nest

Thomas Garsington, second son of the Marquess of Stokelacey, surprised his father one morning by advising him of his impending marriage to an old friend, Augusta 'Gussie,' Pilkington. As his brother, the heir did not intend to marry, Thomas felt obligated to continue the family line. He was not, he told his father deeply in love with the lady, although very fond of her. But! thought his ideas of love were probably not realistic and he wanted friendship and companionship, as well as affection. It was not long into the marriage that Thomas relised his mistake. Gussie had married him for status and continued to follow her previous career as a socialite. Their maritial unbliss was cut short by the outbreak of WW1. Thomas, a respected surgeon decided to join the Royal Army Medical Corps, and shipped off to Belgium, while Gussie continued her life as if there was no war going on. That she explained was something going on across the channel and did not bother her. Shortly before the end of the war Thomas was injured in an air raid on a Casualty Clearing Station where he was working, on regaining conciousness he had two things missing, his left hand and his memory. He had no recall of his life to that date. Returning to conciousness he saw the blurry image of a nurse standing beside the bed, "Are you an angel?" he asked. "No." She replied. "Will you marry me?" "No," Sister Genevieve Calder replied again. During the months and years of darkness that followed Sister Calder and her family cared for Thomas, until one evening when they were leaving the Royal Opera House and Thomas stood on a man's foot. Turning the man looked astounded, "Thomas, Thomas Garsington!" he exclaimed, "We thought you were dead!"
ISBN: 9781835971550
Type: Paperback
Pages: 212
Published: 12 May 2024
Price: $12.65

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