The Coach House

When Major Quentin Stapleton returns to English shores in 1816 after the battle of Waterloo, he discovers he has become heir to an unknown cousins small but wealthy estate in Kent. The Major is not inclined to accept the inheritance as he has to put his own rundown estate in order. However, he decides to visit his cousins estate incognito to discover if it would be of value to him to accept the inheritance. When he arrives at the Manor it is to find and old barn on fire and discovers this is not the only event to happen on the estate since Sir Desmond Cathcart's demise. Also he encounters Sir Desmond's widow and daughter who come with the estate. A caveat that in the terms of the Will prohibit the Major from disposing of the estate during the widow's lifetime or remarriage, should he decide to accept the inheritance. He also discovers that his late cousin has been involved in smuggling gold to Napoleon. What should he do STAY or RUN?
ISBN: 9781839453465
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 236
Published: 26 June 2020
Price: $19.15

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