The Unexpected Guardian

When Alistair Rowland Hamilton, Marquis of Anworth received news that his friend Lord Anthony St.Ives had unexpectedly died in a hunting accident at the age of forty-four and that he, Anworth, was now guardian to St.Ives only child,it was with some misgivings he accepted this role. He was already guardian to his three fiery-haired half-sisters, and his four year old half-brother Alex, and oversight of their mother the dowager Machioness, Fiona Hamilton. Since his father's demise five years previously, these women had appeared to have joined forces to make his life in Scotland a misery. He would much rather have been at his English country home Frencham Lacey in Sussex, along with his aunt Lady Sarah Frencham and his string of racehorses.However, Lord Anworth had a responsibility as head of his family and his estate at Castle Worth in Aberdeenshire. Into this dysfunctional family, his lordships own words,walked Lady Shona Hetherington one snowy March afternoon, and brought a breath of fresh air into their fusty lives. An easy friendship develops between guardian and ward, which sees them through many trials.The suspicious death of a groom, the elopment of the dowager Marchioness, Shona's trials as a nurse in the Crimean War, and an allergation towards Lord Anworth that lands him in the dock, facing a sentence of seven years imprisonment, or deportation to the colonies. The unexpected Guardian is a sequal to 'The Astley Journals,' making the forth book in the Astley-Hamilton saga.
ISBN: 9781839452338
Type: Paperback
Pages: 352
Published: 27 October 2020
Price: $12.95

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