Through the eye of the lens

When Justin Wyndham, Chief Executive of Corrigan and Associates International Architects finds a photographic portfolio in the boardroom of his company,he finds the contents are some of the most incredible images of architecture he has ever seen, and this prompts him to offer the photographer Bryony Llewelyn a job as Photographer in Residence. However, Bryony, unbeknown to everyone except from her mother and boyfriend/agent juggles three lives and is afraid Justin will stumble on her deception. As their relationship develops, Bryony relises she knows little of her boss'private life and would be surprised to learn Justin Wyndham is also not all that he seems. During a period of five years, Bryony's father a photojournalist is killed under mysterious circumstances, she suspects her boyfriend is two timing her, and is caught in an earthquake in San Francisco with Justin, who has his own problems especialy when visiting the middle east. Overtime Justin is the person who becomes a constant in Bryony's chaotic life. The eye of the lens is a story primarily of relationships, intrigue and deception, and of course photography.
ISBN: 9781839452833
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 238
Published: 23 April 2020
Price: $19.15

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