Access Your Light Body Via The MUNAY-KI Nine Rites Of Initiation

The MUNAY-KI Nine Rites Of Initiation, Learn To Evolve To Access Your Light Body Via The Schematic Blueprint In Your DNA, So You Can Ascend, Transcend, Quantum Leap Ten Thousand Years Into Your Becoming, To Evolve To HOMO-LUMINOUS To Be A Fully Embodied HUMAN On A 5th Dimensional Planet Like Mother Earth, That's Known As Pachamama, But Able To Access And Travel In The Star's By Opening Your Sixty Foot MerKaBa Field Of Light Around Your Body/Being, For A Divine Angelic Human You Truly Be, Your Are Eternal Immortal Inter-Dimensional Light Beings Of Ultra Violet Energetic Consciousness. Also There Is A Full Explanation Of The Universe, The Cosmos, The Creation, of the Hyper-Dimensional Light Time Matrix, That We Are Formed From, And Born Into, Via The Sacred Geometric Building Blocks, Of The Scaffolding Of Life, That Is Known As Geomancy, The Animated Living Form Of Geometric Beings, Of Geometric Life. Eternal Blessings On Your Path To Illumination, NAMASTE LoveLifeLee.
ISBN: 9781839456640
Type: Paperback
Pages: 132
Published: 10 March 2023
Price: $14.79

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