THE SCAFFOLDING OF LIFE THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF GEOMETRIC MATTER THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF ALL BIOLOGICAL LIFE & OUR UNIVERSE ACCESS THE BLUE PRINT IN YOUR DNA GROW A RAINBOW LIGHT BODY STOP KARMIC CYCLES & EVOLVE TRANSCEND TIME & SPACE & ASCENSION YOU WILL ACHIEVE. Discussed is the science behind the Scared Geometric structures that build life, the makeup of the Building Blocks of Life and the energy that fuels them, and discussed is the Eternal energetic Consciousness of Source that fuels all Scared Geometry, that fuels and energies all life to become animated in Geomancy form, in this Creation of the Hyper-dimensional Matrix, of Divine Design by the Source Ascended Masters the Yanas.
ISBN: 9781803027562
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 220
Published: 10 March 2023
Price: $20.15

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