The Great Grandmother Spirit of Ayahuasca Medicine

A book of a jungle journey to Santuario Hushtin Ayahuasca retreat in Peru South America, to heal from plant medicines, in nature, connecting with Spirit, travelling through portholes of the Universe, entering the Spirit world. An epic journey of soul searching, cleansing the body of toxins. A book about the Mother Spirit of Ayahuasca medicine, the journey of Shamanic healing in the rainforest, the mechanical sciences, medicinal properties & Spirits behind Ayahuasca medicine & the Holographical Hyper-Dimensional Matrix of the Creation built with the Advanced Biotechnology of DNA operated by Ultra Violet Energetic Eternal Spirit Consciousness. Also discussed are other practices of Munay-ki ceremonies, Tambo retreats in solace, in the jungle, connecting to plant spirits, to find clarity in silence in nature, awakening another layer of consciousness, my thoughts on Ayahuasca ceremonies & experiences with light Beings & Spirits, & plant medicines I ingested, there healing & effects on the mind & body. Discussed is the Luminous blue print within our DNA, our Light body. The science behind the building blocks of life, that build the scaffolding of life of our avatars & the Holographical Hyper-Dimensional Matrix, & discussed are the eternal realms where Spirit resides until becoming animated in this Creation of Advanced DNA Biotechnology. Magical in nature is the Creation, with multiple densities for us Spirits to Manifest into for experience, for growth, raising consciousness, raising our avatars frequency to Ascend, embodied but able to transverse the Matrix in its entirety, in your eternal light body. No space crafts needed. With History of Geomancy & of the Universe.
ISBN: 9781803027555
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 750
Published: 10 March 2023
Price: $29.27

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