The 1% Of Humanity Equals 80 Million Draco Reptilian Shapeshifting Humanoids

This book discusses the many orchestrated agendas happening around the Planet Gaia, & who's behind them, that is the 1% of humanity, that equals to 80 million Draco Reptilian shapeshifting Humanoids on the planet living amongst Humanity, controlling and manipulating Humanity in the background, after genetic manipulation. Discussed are their many multi layered planned agendas globally, on the ways that the Draco Reptilian shapeshifting Humanoids are trying to mass murder 97.75% of Humanities Christos Collectives, that are manifesting on the Planet into the Divine Angelic Human Lineages from the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds. To help Humanity Ascend & Transcend free from the Fallen Reptilian Collectives Planetary culling Genocide, Of Biological Weapons, Nanotechnology, testing and injections, orchestrated egg & food shortages, discussed is the US Supreme Court Rulings to stop Universal Vaccinations, the Neurmburg Code, the truth of disease, & viruses & basics of bacteria & biology, the lie of virus isolation, the Vatican's Human Trafficking, and Mother Theresa. Many Doctors dying, the poisoning of rivers & natural fish stocks, & water supplies, contaminated animal feed, the destruction of food plants, power grids attacked, Bill Gates Fake Eggs Company, dairy farmers, insect produce, US farmland being bought up, the Nord Stream pipelines, over 200,00 US Federal Indictments to be served, Directed Energy Weapons Systems. Also discussed is the Reptilian 200 year plan to destroy America from within, and the seeding of out Time Matrix of Geomancy, & discussed is the Original Divine Angelic Human Prototype.
ISBN: 9781803027951
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 292
Published: 9 April 2023
Price: $22.43

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