The Satanist Mindset The Ego Manifesting In A Negative Polarity

This book discusses the Mindset of Satanism, and the Defacto Satanism Mindset, and how the Satanism Mindset is achieved or programmed into the negative polarity of the shadow Ego. The history of Satanism and witchcraft in Ancient India, Mesopotamia and Europe are also discussed regarding the Cult of Baal, the Sons of Belile, the shapeshifting Brotherhood of the Snake, and the Cannanites. Also the Hidden Knowledge of Manifesting a New Mindset & the Hidden knowledge of the Eight Fundamental Principles of Geomancy, of the Creation, of Life, that come from Natural law. Also information is shared of The Great Work, and information on the Introduction to the Angelic Human Eternal Light Body, that is accessed via higher states of Consciousness and by accessing your Schematic Blueprint within your DNA.
ISBN: 9781803027265
Type: Paperback
Pages: 100
Published: 18 January 2023
Price: $10.24

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