This book natural plant medicines and potions with magical healing properties has many plants species foods and remedies and their healing properties and their uses for many ailments, we live on a world, planet Gaia our mother earth, Pachamama she is full of natural medicines, there for us to heal our selfs, plants are high vibrational foods that feed and heal the cells of the body that are built via sacred geometric structure, the corners of the sacred geometric structure, the corners the only solid of the structure of the dodecahedrons and tetrahedrons that are the building blocks of the cells that when unified create the scaffolding of life, the avatar biological form, the body, the dodecahedrons corners feed on the twenty amino acids from plants and the tetrahedrons corners feed on proteins, so it is vital we eat plants, they are hight vibrational so with this diet change you will raise your consciousness ,allowing access to your light body thats coded within your DNA in a blue print schematics, so we list plants in all their varieties and forms and there uses and benefits and some we discuss which part of the body they go to and purpose. namaste lovelifelee
ISBN: 9781839455889
Type: Paperback
Pages: 172
Published: 4 December 2020
Price: $10.54

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