What Is A Woman

This book discusses the fundamental Cosmic foundation of the true reality of what a woman is, that forms one of the two essential components of the essential system and structure of all physical animated Universal Cosmic life, and the Divine Feminine is discussed from histories ancient forms of the Great Mother Goddess. Also discussed is what it is to be a woman who gives birth to the miracle of life for us eternal Spiritual light beings from the Oneness ultra violet energetic Source field of Consciousness, to manifest into physical avatars for experience and Spiritual growth. The biology of a woman is also discussed including the female anatomy and the birthing process. Also discussed is the fundamental Universal law of the two only genders of female and male. Also discussed is the Mental Illness of Gender Identity Disorder now know as Gender Dysphoria, which is being forcefully promoted by Western Governments and forced onto society and onto minor children. With the Western Governments and their pedophile politicians criminally sexualising minors which is grooming minors which is promoting sodomy and pedophilia, under the false guise of transgenderism which is a Mental Illness. Also Individualism vs Collectivism Societies is discussed, along with an introduction to the DNA schematic blueprint of instructions to grow your Merkaba field, which is your eternal human light body.
ISBN: 9781803028675
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 204
Published: 2 June 2023
Price: $22.43

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