THE SECRET WAR Between Humanity & Reptilian Shapeshifting Humanoids

This book discusses the Secret War between the White Hat Militaries & the Black Hats Militaries, & the White Hats Military takeover, & Military Operations by the US Special Forces and the Marine Corps, & the supposed arrests worldwide of Criminal Traitors of the Republic of the USA & for crimes against Humanity, with the Elite being taken to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base for Military Tribunals with sentences of Death by Hanging, or Life in prison, also discussed is the Military assault on Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. The Forty Fifth President Donald Trump is discussed & his War on the Deep State & their Federal Agencies & Operatives, & the illegal raid on his Mar-a-Largo Estate, & attempts on his life. Also discussed are Clones, Cloning facilities, ETs, FEMA, contaminated Covid blood stockpiles, Adrenochrome factories, the Ukraine & RussianWar, the illegitimate Biden Regime, the Seed Wars & the reality of Life & Creation. Also the Hidden Knowledge of Manifesting a New Mindset & the Hidden knowledge of the Eight Fundamental Principles of Geomancy, of the Creation, of Life, that come from Natural law. Also shared is an Introduction to the Angelic Human Eternal Light Body, that is accessed via higher States of Consciousness and by accessing your Schematic Blueprint within your DNA.
ISBN: 9781803027722
Type: Paperback
Pages: 396
Published: 24 March 2023
Price: $17.07

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