This book discusses humanities goal to achieve, also the Aldazani advanced human race in higher dimensions using negative ETs for soul harvesting & running the world. Discussed are the Demonic Dragon families, the Annunaki, Marduk-Satan, Enili-Yahweh, Enki-Lucifer, the Archons & Jinn, also the ET Elites two Covens obsessed with world domination. Also discussed is the twelfth dimension Universal Council that has a manifested Ambassador on Earth to help remove tyrannical forces of darkness from the planet, the Ambassadors missions, discussed are the two Covens, the Hall of Records, the Covenant of Neferitti & Solomon & The Souls DNA Source Code. As well as the new official world military called life enforcement with programs to aid & better humanity, the orchestrated fake scam pandemic release of biological weapon viruses, for negative forces being locked out of the megatron black mirrors system, diminishing the Archon Entities manifested life span. Info on the Dark Universe that’s connected to earth by the megatron ethereal field & black mirrors technology allowing the dark prince to dominate earth on behalf of the dark universe that wish to control & dominate the whole multiverse & info on the dark universes manifested creation the science behind its creation, and the understanding of the nature of darkness in this duality reality. Also discussed is The Scaffolding of Life & an introduction to the DNA Blueprint of instructions to grow a light body, & the truth behind Alchemy the connection to DIVOC meaning in Hebrew possession by an evil spirit, reversed meaning Covid, also touched on are the Elite Occult & Predatorial Parasitism.
ISBN: 9781803024356
Type: Paperback
Pages: 246
Published: 18 March 2022
Price: $10.49

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