GALACTIC HISTORY - Wisdom Of The Source Of Creation

This book discusses the Source of our Universe & Galaxy’s Variety of Races, which comes from Eternal Source Consciousness from the Collective field of Oneness. Also discussed is the manifested Seeding of the Holographical Light Time Templar Matrix of Geomancy. Along with Accounts about the Creation of our Galaxy & It’s History, with knowledge from the Native Ancestors about our Human History that was given to them by an Extraterrestrial Star being. Also discussed is the Galactic History of its Ruling Family Lineages, along with the Galactic wars by different races Empires, and the Continued Galactic War by other Race Lineages over the Domain of the Earth today, along with their control of Humanity. With information on the Secret Covenant of the Fallen Angel Elohei Elohim Annu’s loyal Soldiers the Annunaki, & their War on Humanity's Christos Collectives is also discussed, along with the Variety of Soul Collectives Manifesting in Human Form on the Earth today. Also discussed is information on Breaking Beyond the Illusionary Simulation of the Holographical Hyper-Dimensional Light Time Templar Matrix Of Creation.
ISBN: 9781835970300
Type: Paperback
Pages: 344
Published: 26 January 2024
Price: $17.07

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