A book on explaining the truth of military grade warfare microwave weapon systems, deployed in your houses, schools and in your communities worldwide, under the false guise that they are for telecommunications, with the false lying name of 5G telecommunications and 3G, 4G weapons systems that have been deployed in your homes, to damage your bodies by direct intention of the blood sacrifice cult of the fallen angel royal bloodlines, these 3G,4G technologies in your homes send frequencies outwards at the frequency that targets and damages water structure, and your avatar the biological human body is 70-75% water, the other military microwave weapons systems under the lying false name 5G telecommunications are designed for nerve block, by starving cells of oxygen, this technology distorts the biological bodies cells via oscillating your sacred geometric structure that are the building blocks of the scaffolding of life, that builds your avatar the biological body, and information on ways to protect your self, families and friends, we are at war in this great spiritual battle on earth, with the invading extraterrestrial fallen angel bloodlines, a cult of blood sacrifice, manifesting in Archons the Jinn that are demons from the 4th density, these parasites the royal fallen angels and the energetic archon beings be feeding of humanities energy and our tortured children's blood, these frequencies are designed to cull and kill 90% of earths population but fail they will for the future can be seen.
ISBN: 9781839456084
Type: Paperback
Pages: 106
Published: 17 May 2023
Price: $11.38

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