This Book Discusses The Sacred Secret Of The Kundalini Process, The True Reality Of Physiology, With A Manual Of Information On Physiological Regeneration, With Ancient Knowledge Of The Sacred Secretion, & The Tree Of Life & The Pineal Gland To Activate Your Christ Body From Within. Discussed Are The Ancient Indian Vedic Texts, Which Inform The Religion Of Hinduism, They Are Also Known As Sanatan Dharma, Meaning Eternal Order or Eternal Path, & The Term Vedas Means Knowledge, Because They Contain The Fundamental Knowledge Relating To The Underlying Cause Of, Function Of, & Personal Response To Existence. The Same Teachings Also Come From The Texts Of Buddhism, & Also Discussed Are The Processes Of The Kundalini Energy Systems For Your Christ Body Activation. So in this book I have discussed many subjects about the Sacred Secretion and Kundalini Process, about the Third Eye Illumination & the Luminous Electromagnetic Human Software Energy Field, and the Planet’s Electromagnetic Field, about the Four Brains, and how we can transmute our selfs and Evolve by metamorphosing into our Divine Eternal embodied State of being, and about Pyramids and their healing capabilities, and on the Shamanic perspective of the Eternal Luminous Energy Body, they call the Homo-Luminous Angelic Human. This is to give an overview of how to gain access to your Christos Body, and to inform others of how you can access your inner core Chi Energy systems, so that you can evolve and metamorphosis to become Illuminated, to access your Eternal Angelic Human Light Body, and Ascend and Transcend the Templar Hyper-dimensional Light Time Matrix of Creation. Namaste LoveLifeLee. Namaste Eternal Blessings To All Sentient Life In The Creation.
ISBN: 9781803028392
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 164
Published: 9 June 2023
Price: $21.29

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