POEMS OF MAGICAL WONDER, Poems Magical In Nature, Poems Of Splendour, from the mind's eye and heart space of LoveLIfeLee, some of my magical life journeys and experiences of shamanic ceremonies, Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant medicine, dreams, meditations, remote viewing, out of body journeys and life experiences. Through these poems, messages of ancient knowledge and wisdom about accessing your fullest potential as a human being, learning to access your DNA through disciplines, practices, meditation, yoga, shamanic ceremonies, plant medicines, ayahuasca ceremonies, astral travel, dreams, spirit world, diet part of the key and evolve consciously, grow a body of light from the blue print in your DNA, transcend time and space, transverse the universe, travel the hyper-dimensional matrix in your rainbow body of light. You are eternal immortal inter-dimensional light being of ultra violet energetic consciousness, angelic divine infinite you be in an ocean of light, in the oneness of the creation.
ISBN: 9781803027661
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 350
Published: 16 March 2023
Price: $21.29

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