The Rape Of The Irish Ancestral Homeland

This book discusses the Intentional Orchestrated Mass Invasion of Foreign Enemy Combative Violent Fear Dubh Rapist Fighting aged Migrant Men from War Zones into Irish Communities, by the corrupt Criminal Enemy Irish Ministers working for the EU, UN, WEF, Illuminati & Anunnaki Hidden Hand Elites. That are Intentionally flooding extremely Violent Terrorist Fear Dubh Rapists into Europe & Ireland to Purposely Mentally & Physically Scar & Break the Will & Spirit of the Native populations. With Preplanned funding for Rape Crisis Centres all in place to prepare for the Rape Pandemic that they have Planned to Destroy Local Communities. Also discussed is the civil discord in communities across Ireland, with protests by women, parents, and their whole communities standing up in peaceful protests against the illegal mass invasion of violent combatant foreign migrant men that are raping women in their communities, and harassing, and attacking all citizens on the streets in their locale communities. Also discussed is the Weapon of Rape used as Programming & Indoctrination, & the effects of Rape Trauma Syndrome & PTSD & how to overcome trauma to start the healing processes. With Self Defense Strike Techniques of Dim Mak Death Touch Martial Arts, for Women & Teenagers being Targeted, Stalked, Accosted & Attacked by Aggressive Violent Fear Dubh Migrant Rapists. Also a range of legal weapons that can be used for Personal Protection.
ISBN: 9781803028699
Type: Paperback
Pages: 210
Published: 2 June 2023
Price: $14.79

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