The Mother Spirits of Ayahuasca Medicine

Conclusion & Overview of this Books discussed Content So I have tried to give an over all encompassing full rounded picture of the true nature of the realites of Spirit, of this Super Advanced DNA Biotechnology of our biological Avatars & our surrounding realities, of the true essence of nature. To do this I encompassed many subjects starting with the medicinal plants, the Spirits of Mother Ayahuasca, her bonitanical biological chemical mechanics & the energies & sciences behind them and that of this Super Advanced Holographical DNA Biotechnology. I also therefore had to give an overview of the Original Seed Wars the Angelic Wars and discuss other races involved including the Satanic Cult of Baal & the Anunnaki and some parts of Universal and Galactic history, so that we can understand why us Christos conscious Lyran humans of humanity are being suppressed & murdered on a continuum, its because we are in a Seed War of consciousness. It was important to get an overview by discussing the sacred geometric building blocks of cells that build the scaffolding of all life, and there energetic field make up on the micron level of this DNA biotechnology & to discuss our Luminous Energy fields that envelope our human avatars which is the software that informs the hardware the DNA to grow the biological avatar form, & to discuss the hidden Schematic Blueprint of an Eternal Light body within your DNA make up & to discuss Service to Self & Service to Others Ideology. This I felt would allow me to write a book with an overview of this Holographical Creation of Super Advanced DNA Biotechnology & to perceive the essence of Spirit our Ultra-Violet Divine Energetic Consciousness & the Eternal realms outside of time & space in the realms of Spirit. The Holographical Creation is a puzzle for Souls to solve & transend through by Consciously activating there DNA. Blessings LoveLifeLee
ISBN: 9781803027609
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 632
Published: 10 March 2023
Price: $29.27

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