The Illusion of Rona The Maya of Demons The Royal Fallen Angel Bloodlines

The Illusion of Rona The Maya of Demons The Royal Fallen Angel Bloodlines, is a book written in the now 2020 as times are changing by force on society by criminal corrupt mentally ill evil people, that are in secret society cults, in a war part psychological on the human race, they come from ancient fallen angel bloodlines and there blackmailed puppet ministers in government and corporations that are lost in the minds of maya for greed power and control of the human race, this book discusses the illusion of reality created by these bloodlines and there agendas and there strategies forced on the masses still programmed from birth and then indoctrinated and brain washed into an illusion of reality and there weapons of choice used on society, like mind control, biological weapons as vaccines and illusion of false viruses and military grade microwave weapon systems, the poisoning of water, food, and the illusion of global warming, some of there history up to times in 2020 and there evil goals and the truth of our DNA makeup our bodies, consciousness and our light bodies and ascension.
ISBN: 9781839455469
Type: Paperback
Pages: 306
Published: 10 December 2021
Price: $11.98

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