This vegan recipe book has many recipes from plants, plants are medicine for the Avatar the human biological body system, your body is build by the way of THE SCAFFOLDING OF LIFE via the building blocks geometric matter, down past the level of the cells, that we nourish with nutrients, at the micron levels of the cells the sacred geometry shapes that are the building blocks of your body, your cells are built with DODECAHEDRONS, and the corners on the Dodecahedron are the only solid mass, the corners relate to amino acids in food, they the amino acids feed the corners of the dodecahedron. Then we come the TETRAHEDRON which can spin in a hundred and twenty different patterns to create a hundred and twenty different types of protein, and the tetrahedron is spinning inside the dodecahedron.
ISBN: 9781839455773
Type: Paperback
Pages: 160
Published: 20 November 2020
Price: $9.19

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