Is Trump The First Human President - In Over Sixty Years that's not a Reptilian

This book discusses the USA Forty Fifth President Donald Trump and the secret war between Reptilian Humanoid Shape shifters and Humanity, also the White Hats Military, Space programs, the Nazi’s, the Earth Alliance, the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds, the Cabal, the reality of Life and Creation, the Inverted Illusion of Reality & the Mindsets of Perception. The Manifested Seeding of the Holographical Light Time Matrix of Geomancy, & politics, A.I, Clones, PBEs, Androids, the Twenty and Back SSP. The Angelic Seed Wars, the fall of the Fallen Angels, the history of the Brotherhood of the Snake, & Hidden Knowledge of Manifesting a New Mindset & the Eight Fundamental Principles of Geomancy of Life. Also an Introduction to the Angelic Human Eternal Light Body, accessed via higher Consciousness & via our Blueprint within your DNA.
ISBN: 9781803027968
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 364
Published: 9 April 2023
Price: $23.57

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