The Earth Plane of Existence

This book discusses the truth of the Earth Plane of Existence from the perspective of Ancient Cultures & Native Tribal Cultures Mythology of the World & Cosmological origin of the Creation of the Milky Way. Along with the belief that there are Seven Planes of Existence. Also an explanation of the shape of the Earth & Its Firmament Dome Disc World, from the perspective of Ancient Cultures & the Secret Society of the Freemasons, along with the meaning of their Symbology & Numerology. Also the Seven Hermetic Principles of Life of how to Manifest your own surrounding reality. Also discussed is the variety of different Species of Soul Collectives Manifesting in Human Form on the Earth today. And the truths of Antarctica & the hidden Continents on the Earth Plane & other hidden Terrestrial & Extraterrestrial Worlds, and their races are discussed. And also discussed is Breaking Beyond the Illusionary Simulation of the Holographical Hyper-Dimensional Light Time Templar Matrix of Creation.
ISBN: 9781835970232
Type: Paperback
Pages: 316
Published: 24 January 2024
Price: $17.07

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